109-Year-Old Granny Knows How To Party, Takes Full Advantage of Birthday Discount


Birthdays are strange things. They commemorate our arrival into this world, even though we did absolutely nothing to make that happen.

When we’re young, birthdays are times for dreaming big and asking for impossible boons, but as we age we like to forget that every birthday we’re getting older.

There are some perks, though. Friends and family often work together to make your day special. There are even companies that offer special discounts to help you celebrate (and get you into their establishments so you might spend more money).

Plenty of stores will give you discounts, coffee shops might give you a free hot cuppa, and some movie theaters will let you see a movie for free.

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The Montana Club in Missoula, Montana, has taken a unique spin on the birthday deals and offers people a discount on their bill that matches the age they’re turning.

Turning 25? Congrats, here’s 25% off your bill.

Do you take advantage of birthday discounts?

This is one place where it literally pays to get older. And one savvy native has milked that fact for all it’s worth.

Helen Self was born in 1909 in Hamilton. She’s spent her entire life a Montana gal, and has stayed surprisingly active even into her (impressively) old age.

She lives with a granddaughter, Diane Gunter, and until recently even helped out with raising the kiddos. “Well I just work hard all my life,” she said, according to ABC Fox Montana, “and took care of grandkids and more kids.”

Between helping raise kids, grandkids, and more kids, plus indulging in one of her favorite pastimes (camping), Self has stayed spry in her later years.

This year, she celebrated year 109 — a milestone most of us would never imagine. And she’s still sharp enough to realize what that means at the Montana Club.

It’s not the first time Self has cashed in on their offer: “Once she turned 101 she informed me that I had to come in and pay her for her meal,” said Nick Alonzo, who owns the Montana Club.

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That was at 101. At 109, Self had even more money coming to her. But at her age, and having been a Montana resident for all those years, she deserves it.

Alonzo agreed, and came in to pick up the tab at the end of her meal, as well as give her that extra 9%. “Oh thanks darlin,” she said, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

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