15 Funniest Tweets from Moms About Parenting


Being a parent is one of life’s greatest blessings.

The love you have for your children is unlike any other. But, let’s face it, some days you feel like you’re failing.

Leave it to the wonderful people of the internet to make you feel like you’re not alone in this crazy thing called life.

Here are our 15 of our favorite tweets from mothers about parenting. Smile, laugh, and remember if they’re fed, clothed, and loved, then you’re doing a great job!

1. The dreaded “storage is almost full” notification on your phone.

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2. There should be an award that comes with making it through the toddler years.

3. It’s time for someone to invent a “Mommy-Lunchable.” I’d buy it.

4. Every parent knows that feeling … It’s normal to be on a first name basis with your Pediatrician, right?

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5. By the third child, you’re just thankful they bathed in the past week.

6. They don’t tell you at the hospital when you become a parent, you also become MacGyver.

7. Pass me that bottle of dry shampoo, please. Pro-tip: Baby wipes work great for smeared mascara or if you get deodorant on your shirt.

8. I hope this gets released on Apple Music. These songs are my jam.

9. Didn’t you just cry over your lunch you refused to eat 45 minutes ago?

10. For the love … please, get your shoes on so mommy isn’t late for work. Again.

11. When we suddenly realize, we liked our children better when they weren’t mobile.

12. The joys of having a hot meal are over. Just get used to the fact.

13. So are the luxuries of going to the bathroom alone.

14. That terrifying moment you realize your kids have been quiet for too long.

15. Is it hard? Of course, it is. But we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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Keeley is a former contributor to The Western Journal.
Keeley is a former contributor to The Western Journal.