2024 Election: Biden Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Reason for Border Invasion


President Joe Biden’s adversarial relationship with language and reality makes it difficult to believe his words under almost any circumstances. Only when he appears to misspeak does the truth have a chance of slipping out by accident.

For instance, in an interview with a Spanish-language radio station released last week, Biden committed what some have called a “Freudian slip” when he tried comparing present-day Hispanic immigrants to the mass influx of Irish Catholics who fled to America in the 1840s, according to Fox News.

“It’s even a bigger influx now in terms of Hispanic voters — er, Hispanic — Hispanic citizens,” the president said in an audio clip posted to the social media platform X.

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Does Biden — consciously or otherwise — view illegal immigrants as future Democratic voters? Has he flooded the southern border and permitted an invasion for that reason?

The president has a history of similar statements that lend themselves to credible accusations of concealed intent.

Recall, for instance, during the 2020 presidential election, when then-candidate Biden misspoke in a way that, given subsequent events, might look like prophecy to some.

Do you think non-citizens will sway the election in Biden’s favor?

“We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” Biden said in a clip widely shared across social media platforms.

Of course, establishment fact-checkers took note of the viral clip and ran cover for the Democrat.

Readers may view that clip below.

Biden’s tyrannical crackdown on Americans who protested that controversial election has done nothing to allay suspicions that, though he might have misspoken about his “voter fraud organization,” he nonetheless revealed a degree of truth about the establishment’s sinister plans.

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In like manner, one cannot help but conclude that when the president said “Hispanic voters,” he let slip important truths.

Border Invasion by Design?

A preponderance of evidence suggests that Biden and his fellow Democrats, no matter what they might say in public, have treated America’s open border as an electoral calculation.

Some, in fact, have described that calculation in terms of a “great replacement theory.” According to this theory, Democrats have abetted illegal immigration to import future voters and thereby replace the current electorate with one more agreeable to them.

At a December GOP presidential debate, in fact, former Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy described the great replacement theory as “not some grand, right-wing conspiracy theory, but a basic statement of the Democratic Party’s platform.”

Leftists, spotting bigotry everywhere except where it actually exists in their own woke ideology, have denounced the theory as racist. Hyperventilating CNN commentator Van Jones, for instance, called it “one step away from Nazi propaganda.”

While only U.S. citizens may legally vote in federal elections, illegal immigrants nonetheless can swing the balance of power.

“Most Americans are still unaware that the census counts ALL people, including illegal immigrants, for deciding how many House seats each state gets!” owner Elon Musk posted March 7 on his social media platform, X.

“This results in Dem states getting roughly 20 more House seats, which is another strong incentive for them not to deport illegals,” he added.

Musk’s post reached tens of millions of X users, including Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky.

“And House seats determine how many votes each state has in the electoral college. So although illegal aliens don’t vote, they can determine the outcome of Presidential races. Kentucky has 6 representatives, but California likely has 6 extra seats due to illegal immigration!” Massie replied.

In effect, therefore, the political fight over illegal immigration amounts first and foremost to a fight over apportionment of representatives. And that amounts to a fight over how much relative influence citizens actually have in their own government.

As president, Donald Trump tried to do something about the problem. In 2019, for instance, he wanted his Commerce Department to add a citizenship question to the upcoming decennial census. But Chief Justice John Roberts joined four liberal Supreme Court justices in ordering further review of the citizenship question by lower courts — an order that dissenting Justice Clarence Thomas called “extraordinary” and unprecedented.

Trump responded with an executive order designed to gather citizenship data “in connection with the census by other means.”

Then, in a memorandum for the Secretary of Commerce dated July 21, 2020, Trump ordered “exclusion of illegal aliens from the apportionment base, to the extent feasible and to the maximum extent of the President’s discretion under the law.”

On January 20, 2021 — his first day in office — Biden revoked both the executive order and the memorandum. If that immediate revocation did not illustrate the Democratic Party’s priorities, then one can scarcely imagine what would.

And those priorities have not changed.

Last week, the GOP-led House of Representatives adopted legislation that would add the citizenship question to the 2030 census. The Equal Representation Act passed by a margin of 206 Republicans to 202 Democrats. Not one Democrat voted in favor, according to Fox News.

Again, Musk took notice.

“Unanimous Democrat opposition to requiring citizenship for apportionment of House seats and Presidential electoral college votes says it all,” the X owner commented.

Musk then accused Democrats of making war on Americans.

“The Democratic Party goal is to disenfranchise US citizens by importing as many illegal immigrants as possible,” he commented.

Then came a dire prediction.

“Given the massive influx of illegals from every country on Earth, 2024 will probably be the last election actually decided by US citizens,” Musk posted.

In short, from Biden to the House minority, Democrats have united around a scheme to preserve power through the census.

That does not mean, however, that one should rule out the likelihood of illegal immigrants actually casting votes.

Last week, in an interview with Tucker Carlson, True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht explained how illegal immigrants could exploit an obscure passage in the federal code, claim citizenship, vote in federal elections and escape prosecution.

“I mean, so the election already seems — rigged,” Carlson said.

“It does seem like the fix is in,” Engelbrecht replied.

According to the National Pulse, state officials in South Carolina have expressed frustration over federal laws and federally mandated voter registration initiatives that do not distinguish between citizens and noncitizens.

In April, the Oversight Project — a government watchdog arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation — reported the discovery of shocking flyers at an NGO in Mexico’s Resource Center Matamoras. Those flyers encouraged illegal immigrants to vote for Biden after entering the U.S.

“We need another four years of his term to stay open,” the flyer read in part.

Small wonder, therefore, that as a presidential candidate, Biden once promised a “surge to the border.”

In short, Democrats have wielded illegal immigration primarily as a census-related weapon. But they have also quietly laid the groundwork for a substantial number of invaders to cast illegal votes.

Why Are They Doing It?

Democrats have three basic reasons for abetting illegal immigration. Two of those reasons have ideological or psychological roots. The third involves a simple, urgent, short-term electoral calculation.

First — and perhaps most often overlooked — illegal immigration amounts to an assault on the very concept of citizenship.

If citizenship assumes diminished significance, then so does nationhood. And if nationhood vanishes as a meaningful template for a political community, then so does the people’s sovereignty. In that event, only a global divide between elites and commoners would remain.

On a number of issues, many affluent Democrats have already signaled their preference for authoritarian globalism. Hence their love of open borders that destroy nations.

Second, on a deep psychological level, illegal immigration allows affluent Democrats in particular to indulge their delusions of moral superiority.

Author Jeremy Carl, Trump’s former deputy secretary of the interior and a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute in California, explained this phenomenon in a recent video interview with The Western Journal.

“White liberals stand out as this huge anomaly in the entire social science research in that they have a dramatic hatred of white people. They prefer other groups, by far, and they dislike their own group,” Carl said.

He called this a “deep moral need” for “self-validation.”

“And then I think also they don’t even in some ways see themselves as part of the same group. So when they talk about whites, they’re almost not even seeing themselves. They’re seeing some other group, and they’re trying to say, ‘You know, we’re better,'” Carl added.

Of course, this makes a great deal of sense based on historical developments. After all, wealthy white Democrats have always imagined themselves as fountains of beneficence. And they have reserved a special loathing for people who shattered this illusion by rejecting the intended patronage.

Before the Civil War, southern Democrats flattered themselves by insisting that their slaves felt only contentment and love for their masters. The slaves, of course, proved otherwise by running away whenever they could. Some runaways even returned as Union soldiers during the war.

Democrats never forgave them. In fact, for a century thereafter, those former masters and their descendants exacted revenge by maintaining racial segregation.

In the North, postwar industrialization and urbanization inspired Democrats to bestow their beneficence upon the white working class. And the working class’ allegiance to Democrats endured deep into the 20th century.

All the while, however, affluent liberals in academia and elsewhere barely concealed their contempt for those same working-class people.

Thus, when the white working class abandoned the Democrats, much as the former slaves once had, Democrats again focused their pathological rage on the turncoats. Working-class whites, now Trump voters, suddenly became “white nationalists.”

Today, abetting illegal immigration allows wealthy liberals to pose as their former allies’ moral superiors. After all, while working-class people rightly regard illegal immigration as a threat to their interests on multiple levels, affluent liberals enjoy the luxury of dismissing those rational objections, labeling the objectors “racist” and thereby providing what those liberals most need: an affirmation of their basic goodness.

Third, as Carlson rightly noted, Biden and the Democrats need a way to rig the 2024 election.

Oddly enough, in a recent interview with The Western Journal, Switzerland-based political scientist and consultant Louis Perron, Ph.D., explained that illegal immigration does not offer Democrats a viable, long-term strategy.

“Actually, the longer they’ve been in the U.S., the less they vote for Democrats,” Perron said of Hispanic immigrants. “So the Hispanic vote, while growing, is actually getting more diversified and up for grabs. For example, they may care more about the economy than about immigration. So that’s the case with Hispanics.”

Thus, Democrats need Hispanic newcomers’ votes now, for they cannot count on those votes in the future.

And those votes could make a difference. According to CNN exit polling, in the 2016 presidential election, foreign-born voters preferred Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton by a margin of 64 percent to 31 over Trump.

More than 23 million immigrants now have voting eligibility, according to the American Immigration Council.

Democrats, of course, already played their authoritarian fear-mongering hand during the COVID pandemic. In 2020, they used the coronavirus as an excuse to create chaos by flooding the country with mail-in ballots.

Now that they hold power, they have opted for the subtler approach of flooding the country with illegal immigrants.

It makes little difference that in the long run Hispanic voters will gravitate toward the GOP. Biden and the Democrats regard Trump as an urgent threat and will do anything in their power to defeat him.

Conclusion: Will It Work? 

One cannot judge a dishonest scheme on its merits. If Democrats again succeed in rigging the election, then their open border will have served part of its purpose.

But do not underestimate America’s honest, legal, foreign-born voters.

Surely those legal immigrants, newly arrived from Catholic countries, have noticed Biden and the Democrats’ ceaseless attacks on Christianity.

Furthermore, those legal immigrants have had eight years to see through the establishment’s anti-Trump propaganda.

Recent polling, in fact, has shown Trump building a big lead over Biden in Arizona and Nevada. According to Pew Research, Hispanics represent 25 percent of the electorate in Arizona and 22 percent in Nevada. Among all 50 states, those figures rank 4th and 5th, respectively.

In short, Biden accidentally told the truth for once. Democrats almost certainly will continue to exploit illegal immigration as part of their census-related shenanigans. But their efforts to manipulate the electorate ahead of the 2024 presidential election might prove more difficult than they expected.

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Michael Schwarz holds a Ph.D. in History and has taught at multiple colleges and universities. He has published one book and numerous essays on Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and the Early U.S. Republic. He loves dogs, baseball, and freedom. After meandering spiritually through most of early adulthood, he has rediscovered his faith in midlife and is eager to continue learning about it from the great Christian thinkers.
Michael Schwarz holds a Ph.D. in History and has taught at multiple colleges and universities. He has published one book and numerous essays on Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and the Early U.S. Republic. He loves dogs, baseball, and freedom. After meandering spiritually through most of early adulthood, he has rediscovered his faith in midlife and is eager to continue learning about it from the great Christian thinkers.