23 Puppies Dumped in Ditch on 90 Degree Day, Left for Dead


When you’re out for a stroll, depending on where you live, you may expect to see a few dogs out and about.

Whether that’s on leash or roaming, dogs are a common sight in most parts of the world. They’re one of the best motivators to get outside and get moving.

But what’s not a common sight is 23 dogs. That would count as an extraordinary day unless you were at a dog show, dog park, or animal shelter.

One good Samaritan ran into 23 dogs, but under very different circumstances. There were puppies along a dirt road.

More specifically, the puppies were only a few weeks old — some didn’t even have their teeth yet. They were in a drainage ditch in a place where the temperature was in the 90s.

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Someone did not want them — that much was clear. After making sure no momma dogs were around, the good Samaritan contacted a local rescue.

Pets Inc. came to the rescue, and scooped up what they later referred to as “puppies by the pound” from Pelion, South Carolina.

Joyce Allen, an advocate for the animals, had some stern words regarding the puppies and the situation they were found in.

“God gave us these animals to enjoy,” she said. “Not to neglect and abuse and throw away. They are not dispensable. They are living, breathing creatures.”

Unfortunately there are people who dispose of litters of puppies when it becomes too much of a strain on them or they are no longer able to provide for more dogs.

People have been known to drown, abandon, or otherwise dispose of the helpless puppies that they are responsible for.

But most litters, depending on the breed of dog, boast half a dozen or so puppies — not 23. The rescue has said it is on the lookout for the puppies’ mom(s) and has asked anyone spotting a momma dog in the area to let them know.

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It’s difficult to tell what kind of puppies these are, especially without seeing the parents, but they look like they may be some sort of pit bull or shepherd mixes.

What the rescue does know is that they are cute, helpless, and need donations. Pets Inc. posted an online plea on their Facebook page asking for monetary donations as well as supplies.

They also asked for foster applications. Within two days, all 23 puppies were being fostered by people who will take far better care of them than their previous owner did, and once they’re old enough the puppies will be available for adoption.

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