28-Year-Old Woman Given Days to Live. Family Shares Heartbreaking Last Photos


We should never have to bury our children. We expect them to have a long, healthy life. When one family was told that their daughter had only months to live, they were devastated.

28-year-old Amy Redhead was a strong-willed young woman. She was brave and determined and through the most difficult time of her life, her family rested on her strength.

Redhead, from the West Midlands, UK, began to have severe abdominal pain. Because of her young age, doctors continually misdiagnosed her symptoms.

Redhead had suffered from colitis since the age of 11. The condition causes the intestinal lining to become inflamed. Doctors assumed this was still the issue.

Then, one day, Redhead discovered something alarming. There was a lump in her abdomen. Because she had been losing weight as well, doctors decided to send her for tests.

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The news was heartbreaking and shocked Redhead’s entire family. She found out that she had bowel cancer.

“We were all devastated when we were told it was bowel cancer and that it was incurable,” said her younger sister, Emily.

Sadly, the cancer had already spread to 70 percent of her liver and was considered terminal.

Redhead was offered chemotherapy to extend her life, but she refused treatment. “She said she’d rather have less time and feel healthier in herself so that’s what she chose to do,” said Emily.

At first doctors told Redhead that she had six months to live, but her condition worsened. In an effort to create awareness for colon cancer, Redhead began to share her journey through social media.

Through the video, where she talks of her diagnosis, to the moving images of her final days, her journey tells a heart-breaking story. But it also showed a brave and sweet young woman who wanted nothing more than to live her final days in happiness.

She shared photos of celebrating her birthday, Christmas, and New Year’s. Her last post was a photo of her getting her nails done.

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Emily began to take over social media updates and the health of her sister diminished. Poignant pictures of Redhead’s last days, surrounded by family, were posted.

“We are so proud of the fight she’s put up for the last few months, she has been so brave but she has said she’s ready to die now and no longer be in pain,” said Emily.

Emily wanted to send a clear message to everyone following her sister’s journey.

To those suffering from colitis, if unusual pain persists, get it checked out. The condition can lead to a higher chance of developing colon cancer.

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