4-Month-Old Baby Hasn't Grown 1 Inch Since Birth and Doctors Can't Explain Why


It’s a case that has doctors stumped. Now, one mother is going public in hope that someone out there has information that might help.

Four months ago, Felicia Welch gave birth to her son, A’dan Parker. At first, he seemed like any other newborn.

It wasn’t long, however, before it became apparent that something was very wrong. You see, he hasn’t grown at all.

Nearly four months after his birth, he remains, as WOODTV reports, “the same 8 pounds, 12 ounces and 21 inches he was at birth.”

A’dan has undergone several tests to determine the cause of this stunted development.

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Little A’dan is also legally blind. “He didn’t respond to toys, lights, toys that were on his car seat he didn’t interact with,” Welch told WOODTV.

Despite performing many tests, doctors still do not know what is causing A’dan’s condition.

“Nobody had answers, every test that they’re doing is coming back normal,” his mother told WOODTV.

Although doctors do not know the cause of the problem, they do believe it is severe.

According to WOODTV, “doctors aren’t saying anything about odds, just that [A’dan’s] situation needs immediate medical attention and surveillance.”

Doctors believe the problem is genetic in nature. However, they do not yet have a specific condition in mind.

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Whatever issue A’dan is battling, his mother knows he is fighting it. She’s fighting right along with him, too.

“You can’t just say you’re going to give up and you’re going to quit fighting. He can’t speak for himself so nobody else is going to do it I’m going to make sure,” she said to WOODTV.

With A’dan and his condition getting widespread media attention, his family is hoping that others who have dealt with this situation will hear of his story.

Perhaps someone out there has the answers they so desperately need.

For now, his family continues to search for answers, and A’dan continues to fight. Best wishes and prayers go out to this little fighter and his family!

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