4-Year-Old Hilariously Copies Favorite MLB Player After Hitting Home Run in Tee Ball


If you’ve ever watched 4-year-old tee-ball players learn the game of baseball, you’ll recall how most kids don’t even know which way to run around the bases.

The adorably inexperienced infielders compete to grab the baseball like a flock of hungry pigeons. It’s all part of learning the game — and the best part is eating snacks with your friends at the end.

And then there’s this kid, a 4-year-old named Preston from Cleveland, Ohio. Preston knows exactly which way to run after he hits the ball.

Preston knows exactly how to trot around the bases, fist raised in the air, just like his favorite professional Cleveland Indians star.

Baseball fans will be familiar with Encarnacion’s trademark parrot walk as he celebrates his way around the bases. Fans even have a name for the move: “Edwing.”

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On July 2, Preston’s mother, Meghan Cooke, captured a solid gold video of her son doing his own version of the Edwing.

She posted the video to her Twitter account, writing, “Hey @Indians, who does it better? @Encadwin or my four year old??”

Many have tried to duplicate the Edwing, but Preston may be the first to nail it.

Wearing a huge grin, Preston excitedly made his way around the bases, right arm elevated at the perfect parrot-perching position.

“He was the first batter,” Cooke said of the Fairview Park Tee-Ball game.

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“They’re supposed to hit, stop at first, the next batter comes up, they go to second and continue on,” she said. “He just hit and went all the way around.”

Cooke’s video became such a hit that on July 11, Preston had the chance of a lifetime to size up the real Edwinger himself.

The Cooke family was able to meet Edwin before a game against the Cincinnati Reds.

Of course, Edwin gave the boy an autograph, and even played a quick game of catch with his young fan.


Cooke told TribeVibe that her family has longstanding loyalties to the Cleveland Indians.

“We grew up in Cleveland,” Cooke said. “We’ve been coming to the games forever with our families.”

And by the looks of things, the baseball-loving tradition will continue, evidenced by the huge grin on Preston’s face.

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