5 Farmers Sing Hilarious Rendition of 'Friends in Low Places' About Their Lack of Rain


Meet the Hunter brothers, five farmers from Canada who love hockey and have an ear for music. They also really want it to rain.

In a hilarious parody set to the tune of the country song, “Friends in Low Places,” the brothers lamented about their area’s lack of rain.

They may not be able to make rain fall from the sky, but these boys can certainly create music that would make Garth Brooks pretty proud.

Brothers Luke, J.J., Ty, Brock and Dusty Hunter grew up working on their family farm. They played a lot of hockey, they sang a lot of music together, and as they grew up, moved on to various professions.

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But the brothers began to miss singing together. All of them played instruments growing up, and decided the time was right to band together and start singing some country music.

Standing outside on their dry and dusty land, the brothers introduced their latest parody: “I’ve Got No Grain In Dry Places.” In perfect harmony, the ensemble belted out hilarious lyrics about their doomed crops.

“I got no grain in dry places, all the crops are short and the sun chases the rain away,” they sang. “But we’ll be okay!”

The optimistic, light-hearted parody already has nearly 2 million views online. The Hunter brothers are gaining popularity not just in Canada, but throughout the United States as well.

In a January interview with FYI Music News, J.J. Hunter talked about how his brothers came to form a band.

“As we grew up, we would farm in the summer, play hockey all winter and then spend weekends during the summer months performing at festivals and various events throughout western Canada and in the US,” he said.

“We are quickly learning that the process of being a musician is much more about the journey than a destination,” J.J. said. “Goals are important, but enjoying the process is something we’ve talked about extensively as brothers.”

The brothers are just trying to enjoy the ride. They are soaking up the musical adventure as a family, eager for whatever lies ahead.

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“Whatever comes in 2018, we’re excited to meet it head on!” J.J. said. Which, hopefully, will include some rain.

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