6-Day-Old Moose Found Without Mother, Adopts Human Family and Begs Them for Attention


A family in Maine found themselves in the unlikely and unforgettable position of caring for a 6-day-old moose.

Shannon Lugdon, from Wallagrass, Maine, became somewhat of a foster mom to the moose who was desperate for a family.

It all started early in the morning on June 2. Lugdon heard the cries of a young moose calling for its mother.

At first, Lugdon and her family did what was best for the calf — nothing. It was likely the baby’s mother was nearby, and would hopefully return to feed and care for her calf.

As the day progressed, Lugdon contacted the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife when she saw the baby moose headed for the highway. Two wardens responded to Lugdon’s call and coaxed “Miss Maggie Moose” away from the road and back to the shade by the edge of the brook.

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“The wardens asked us not to go near her for 24 hours, wild animals often leave their babies to eat, drink and rest,” Lugdon wrote on Facebook. “‘Abandoned’ moose are rarely actually abandoned.”

The following day, it was the family’s dog, Leo, who became Miss Maggie’s first friend. The mother moose had not returned, and Miss Maggie latched on to Leo like he was her very best friend.

“She followed us around all day begging for attention,” Lugdon wrote. “You can’t imagine how affectionate she was.”

Maggie Moose was starving, and gulped down a grass, clover, and water milkshake, whipped up by her new foster mom. Lugdon worked with a local veterinarian, and a wildlife warden returned to check on Maggie’s condition.

The warden determined Maggie would fare best at the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, Maine. A biologist came the next day to pick Maggie up and transfer her to the park.

“She was 27lbs and they estimate 6 days old,” Lugdon said. “We are, as always, grateful for our amazing wardens!”

The Lugdon family will always cherish their short but sweet time with Miss Maggie. What an adventure!

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