6 Puppies Wrapped in Blue Jacket Found Dumped on Side of Road on Cold Night


Newborn puppies are soft, cuddly, and gosh-darn cute. Most of us sigh whenever we see a puppy. It’s difficult not to take one home once we have the little guy in our arms.

Becoming a pet owner is serious business and a big responsibility. For food, shelter and care, our pets give us unconditional love.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as enamored with these sweet little balls of fur, no matter how cute they are.

More and more abandoned pets are left to fend for themselves out on the streets when they become too much of a burden or are simply no longer wanted.

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When we see abandoned animals, it pulls at our heartstrings. In in Greene County, Missouri, the Sheriff’s office came face-to-face with what could have been a real tragedy.

A mother mixed-breed dog and her six new puppies were found abandoned on the side of the road.

The puppies were wrapped in a blue jacket, but that was not enough to protect them from the freezing temperatures.

Denise Hacker, the woman who personally came out and relocated the dogs, is known for dropping everything to save lives.

She had her work cut out for her in this case: at first the mother dog was very protective of her babies — and why wouldn’t she be? It was a human who had dumped her by the side of the road, so why should she trust others?

Hacker slowly threw pieces of food to the terrified, barking dog. As soon as the dog realized this human had food, though, she began to trust her and hungrily scarfed down the food.

Rescue One, founded in 2013 as a nonprofit charity, has a mission to rescue all stray dogs. After rescue, the dogs receive veterinary care and are found loving homes.

It’s hard to understand how anyone could abandon a pet, especially puppies. With shelters located all over the country, the kinder action would have been to leave them with shelter care.

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Rescue One is made up entirely of volunteers. Animals are placed in temporary homes after rescue while they wait for a permanent family.

Video coverage shows the rescue after police called in this charity. The puppies are gently placed into a box to shelter them until they can reach safety.

The workers at Rescue One are true heroes.  If not for their quick response, the puppies may not have survived in the freezing conditions.

No one knows where the dogs came from or how long they were out in the inclement weather. But if Mama dog could talk, I’m sure she would give the Greene County Sherriff’s office and Rescue One a big thank you.

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