8 Things That Will Happen The Day Kate Gives Birth to Royal Baby Number Three


So many Americans love following the lives of royals. We seem to be fascinated with their every move, amazed by all the unfamiliar rules and traditions and etiquette.

Perhaps it’s because we don’t have royalty, or perhaps it’s the Disney obsession with princes and princesses, but if we’ve learned anything from observing the royals it’s that they have to do things a specific way.

Many couples in the U.S. make their plans on their own. They often take into consideration the wishes of close family and friends, but their choices are ultimately their own.

In tight-knit groups and families that have impressive histories of tradition, more weight is placed on the “proper way” of doing things, but for many Americans the “proper way” is whatever they want.

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Not so for Prince William and Kate Middleton, who have a lineage to respect and a particular way they must live their lives. In fact, there are at least eight things that they will have to do as soon as their third child is born.

First, the proper order of announcements must be made. And who is the most important person? Who needs to know first once the little one touches down? That’s right, the Queen.

Before anyone else catches wind of it, Queen Elizabeth will be contacted to let her know of the birth of her great-grandchild. And that’s only fitting.

Second, the announcement will be made to the public — not through an emotional Facebook post or a hasty text, but through a town crier. A man named Tony Appleton generally carries on this tradition.

Third, Prince William and Duchess Kate probably will make an announcement on Twitter about the arrival of their new bundle of joy, but not before a formal notice is proudly displayed in front of Buckingham Palace.

In case people aren’t looking for the update, they’ll certainly hear it, because the fourth thing that will happen is that there will be a 62-gun salute at the Tower of London.

Another tradition is that the exhausted mother will make a public appearance just a few hours after giving birth. While she did this for both Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s births, she’s opting for a home birth for the third child (and who could blame her?).

While plenty of people are placing bets on what baby #3’s name will be, the sixth thing that will happen is that the couple will wait to reveal their child’s name.

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In the past, William and Kate waited two days to introduce their first child as George and their second as Charlotte, but that hasn’t stopped people from anticipating other potential family names.

Seventh, the head of the Church of England will christen the little one — generally away from the prying eyes of the public. This is usually a private family event that takes places a few weeks after the birth.

Lastly, the new royal baby will be christened in a gown that seven others have been christened in before.

What do you think about these traditions? Do you have any traditions in your own family when a new baby is born?

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