8-Year-Old with Down Syndrome Falls Out of Chair at School and Dies. Parents Now Suing


One family from La Puente, California, has been searching for answers regarding the passing of their 8-year-old son and brother Moises Murillo.

The incident leading to his untimely death occurred in May 2017, during school hours at Sunset Elementary School.

The 8-year-old with Down syndrome had somehow fallen backward in his chair, which was supposed to be strapped with a safety restraint.

Paramedics and police arrived to find Moises was discolored and not breathing.

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The school could not explain what had happened to him. But the young boy was taken away to the hospital and put on life support.

“We kind of wanted to go kind of crazy, because (the school district doesn’t) have a story,” Moises’ older sister Liz said. “They don’t have answers.”

Moises died the next day from a fractured neck. Liz and the rest of his family still do not understand what may have led up to the tragedy.

Doctors determined that Moises didn’t suffer a “seizure or blood clot” before falling backward in his chair. Yet, the young boy’s death has remained a mystery.

It was not ruled as suspicious, but authorities were waiting on an autopsy to further help the investigation. In the meantime, condolences were sent to the family.

“Our school community has experienced a tremendous loss,” Assistant Superintendent Jill Rojas said on behalf the Hacienda La Puente School District. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the Murillo family.”

Although done with good intentions, the statement wasn’t enough for Caberea and her family. Moises’ parents have now decided to sue.

The mom and dad presented the wrongful death/negligence lawsuit to Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, Jan. 18.

While the suit listed Superintendent Cynthia Parulan-Colfer as a defendant, it also gave clear reasons as to why HLPSD is now under scrutiny.

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“Compulsory education laws created a special relationship between students and (school districts) and students have a constitutional guarantee to a safe, secure and peaceful school environment,” it stated.

It also suggested that Moises was left in an unattended and unrestrained environment. Even worst, the school didn’t have “a policy in place to adequately supervise students like Moises.”

No damages have been specified at this time. However, we’re hoping this family will be able to get the answers and justice they deserve so they can finally find some peace in little Moises’ death.

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