Actor Smacks Down Gun Control Celebs With 1 Brutal Tweet


As hysterical liberals across the nation blame President Donald Trump and Republicans for the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, conservative actor Adam Baldwin shut all of them down with one brutal tweet.

All the usual suspects came out of the woodwork to blame conservatives as complicit in the shooting — and advance one of their pet issues: stricter gun control.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was right on cue with all the rest exploiting the tragic event to push their political agenda.

Pelosi said in a tweet that it was our “moral obligation” to protect communities, adding that we need more than thoughts and prayers.

“Too many of these instances take place across the country. As leaders, we have a moral obligation to prevent them and protect our communities. We need more than thoughts and prayers,” Pelosi tweeted, using the hashtag #EnoughIsEnough.

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Baldwin responded to Pelosi’s tweet with logic, calling for increased security at schools, as well as pointing out how people with guns actually stopped the shooter from killing more people.

“Again, the shooter was stopped by people with firearms. Schools need armed security and volunteer staff members with CCW,” he said.

Do you think tighter school security is needed?

This is a logical response, and far more constructive than anything coming from the left.

You do not see remarks like this come out of Hollywood very often, so when it does happen, it’s good news. Especially when so many people, many of whom live in Hollywood, accuse Republicans of being mentally ill if they actually believe in the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

Or when we see remarks like this:

And leftists expect the world to believe it’s Republicans who are mentally ill…

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Baldwin, much like conservative actor James Woods, is swimming again the tide in Hollywood, but it is good to know that at least some people in La La Land haven’t completely lost their minds.

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