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And now, the headlines you missed:

Trump Calls Megyn Kelly ‘Pretty Nasty’ In Recounting His Recent Interview to Iowa Crowd 
The two have had a rocky relationship since 2016.  Read More Ad Free >>>

Marjorie Taylor Greene 'Setting the Record Straight' in Tell-All Book - Paving Way to VP? 
MTG has taken D.C. by storm.  Read More Ad Free >>>

Kari Lake Takes Maricopa County to Court After Gov't Buries Evidence in Election Challenge 
The government is claiming it's in the best interest of the state to not release the evidence.  Read More Ad Free >>>

GOP Gov. Kim Reynolds' Husband Diagnosed with Cancer: ‘We Will Beat This Together’ 
They have been married for 41 years.  Read More Ad Free >>>

Third Party Gaining Steam in Arizona, Causing Democrats to Panic 
Arizona’s presidential vote was one of the closest in the 2020 election.  Read More Ad Free >>>

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