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Revealed: School Shooter Last Instagram Conversation - He Was 1 Twisted Person
The heart of the problem in America isn't guns. The heart of the problem in America is the problem of Americans' hearts.

Gun control will not stop these horrible attacks. Only a return to traditional, Judeo-Christian values will help end them.
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'It Doesn't Exist' - Candace Owens Takes AOC Apart Over Outright Lie About School Shootings
Posted by Elizabeth Stauffer
Owens wasted no time taking apart the socialist lawmaker's lie about the school shooting. Read more…
Woke Tennis Star Humiliated on Nat'l Stage After All-American Athlete Teaches Her Nasty Lesson
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
Do you think this woke tennis player got what she deserved? Read more…
New Info on Alleged TX School Shooter - Sick Thing He Did to His Grandmother Revealed
Posted by Jack Davis
New, twisted details continue to emerge. Read more…
Cause of Death Revealed for 3 Americans Who Died at Bahamas Resort
Posted by Jack Davis
The Americans were found unresponsive in their hotel rooms. Read more…
Boy Gets Text from Stranger, Hours Later He's Dead in Own Home
Posted by Jack Davis
This case and others like it are so disturbing that the FBI is now issuing a warning to parents about the horrors of this new threat to children. Read more…
Biden Officially Least-Popular President Since World War II
Posted by Abby Liebing
His approval rating has crashed to the floor. Read more…
Map: Summer Blackouts Coming to Huge Swaths of US, Experts Say - If You Live in These States, Prepare Now
Posted by Warner Todd Huston
America might be headed for something worse than just a recession. Read more…
Kellyanne Conway Reveals Note Ivanka Trump Slipped Her at White House
Posted by Jack Davis
Kellyanne Conway reveals in a new book how Twitter hurt her marriage. Read more…
Massive Fraud: NBA Coach Calling for Action on TX Shooting Just Got Exposed as Complete Fraud
Posted by Jack Davis
The superstar coach now appears to be a massive hypocrite if not outright fraud. Read more…

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