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Watch: Lt. Gov. Calls Trans Senator 'Sir,' Rejects Woke Agenda
She didn’t go along with the pronoun game. Read more…
Pray for America Shirt (ALL Profits to Charity)
Sponsored by Patriot Depot
100% of profits from this shirt will be donated to Samaritan's Purse to fund the field hospital in Central Park, N.Y. Read more…
Cali Softball Team Tries Kneeling for Anthem in US South, Gets Brutal Reception
Posted by Johnathan Jones
The Southern crowd was completely unimpressed with the California team. Read more…
Judge Deals Fani Willis a Major Blow in ‘Significant Development’
Posted by Allison Anton
A prominent legal expert said he is “surprised that Wade and Willis have not voluntarily removed themselves.” Read more…
George Takei Makes Himself the Victim in Disgusting Take on Nursing Student Murder
Posted by Warner Todd Huston
People are not letting Takei get away with this one. Read more…
Illegal Immigrant Brags About Living Off US Taxpayers on ‘Vacation’
Posted by Rachel M. Emmanuel
He also bragged about raking in large sums of money while begging at traffic lights. Read more…
Jill Biden Screamed at Joe's Siblings as He Suffered from Dangerous Medical Condition
Posted by Johnathan Jones
“Wait a minute!” Jill Biden reportedly yelled. Read more…
'SNL' May Never Invite Shane Gillis Back After This Controversial Monologue
Posted by Adelle Nazarian
"SNL" couldn't stop the comedian from being who he's always been. Read more…
Trump Says He Wouldn’t 'Protect' Prince Harry After 'Unforgivable' Move
Posted by Jack Davis
Trump sent a strong message to Prince Harry. Read more…
Biden Tells Already-Debunked Lie About Trump in Softball Interview
Posted by Allison Anton
Even Keith Olbermann called the claim made by Biden “easily disproven nonsense.” Read more…

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