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Whether we're talking about Corona, or a middle school dance; stay six feet apart, we are taking no chance! Here's how we'll stop Corona, this is my thesis; keep a distance of six feet, to leave room for Jesus. Read more…
Key Democrat Turns Against Pelosi's Big Plan
Posted by Jack Davis
Pelosi's plan would lead to nearly twice as many Democrats on the commission as Republicans. Read more…
Libs Attack Wife of Justice Thomas After He Dares to Dissent Key Election Decision
Posted by Grant Atkinson
Should Supreme Court justices be investigated for wanting to hear a case? Read more…
Biden Campaign Aide Reveals Disturbing Truth About Biden and COVID
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
It sounds like deaths didn't matter nearly as much as the struggle for power. Read more…
Emails: Hunter Biden Was Smuggling This Into Swedish Gov Owned Building
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
Biden is accused of circumventing security after hours. Read more…
New Docs Show What the FBI Really Did to Trump Campaign
Posted by Jack Davis
The recently declassified documents reveal the FBI was looking for 'anyone in the Trump campaign' with connections to Russia. Read more…
Massive Study Uncovers the Truth About COVID Immunity
Posted by Jack Davis
An infectious disease expert called the research 'very exciting.' Read more…
'Fake Republican' Adam Kinzinger Hit with Brutal News
Posted by Jack Davis
'Fake Republican Adam Kinzinger won’t put AMERICA FIRST - I will.' Read more…
Rush Limbaugh to Receive Honor That No Other Person Ever Has: Report
Posted by Jack Davis
Fox News reports that Limbaugh will be honored at CPAC this weekend. Read more…
Ep. 76: Biden Breaks Promise - Illegal Immigrant Children Are Still Being Detained
Posted by Allison Meadows
Biden had made a promise to handle the border issue without putting 'kids in cages.' Five weeks into his presidency, unaccompanied minors are being sent to a child-only detention camp. This is just another broken promise from Biden. Read more…
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