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Mount Rushmore 2024 Desk Clock
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Here it is, your first look at what we can assume Mount Rushmore will be like after four more years! Read more…
GOP Senator Carries Out Brilliant Plan to Delay Vote on Reckless $1.9 Trillion COVID Bill
Posted by Garion Frankel
Johnson said reading it aloud will 'highlight that this is not relief and that it’s a Democratic boondoggle.' Read more…
Biden Admin Backs Bill Forcing Cops to Do the Unthinkable to Women
Posted by Elizabeth Stauffer
The bill is named after George Floyd. Read more…
Psaki Gets Nasty 1st Question at Presser as Reporters Begin Realizing Truth About Biden
Posted by Kipp Jones
Was Psaki saying that Biden has the energy to fight COVID or talk to the press, but not both? Read more…
AZ Sheriff Reveals What Biden Did for Dangerous Cartels
Posted by Jack Cowhick
Smugglers are able to use the roads to operate inside the United States. Read more…
McConnell Out of Senate? Insiders Drop Bomb
Posted by Kipp Jones
The news is reportedly coming from McConnell's home state of Kentucky. Read more…
Court Docs: Infamous Racism Scandal Was a Set-Up
Posted by Christine Favocci
Could this be true? Read more…
Fact-Check Disaster: PolitiFact Targets Marjorie Taylor Greene but Forgets to Consult Dictionary First
Posted by Michael Austin
Dictionaries present a problem to the left because they make it much harder to shift the meaning of words like 'gender.' Read more…
These 8 Liberals Bucked Their Party and Saved Millions of Jobs
Posted by Grant Atkinson
That was easy. Read more…
Red State Gov Puts Biden in His Place After 'Neanderthal' Insult
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
He let Biden have it. Read more…
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