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Mom of Punk Who Allegedly Recorded Heartless Hit-and-Run on Retired Police Chief Makes Infuriating Statement
A retired police chief was run down and left for dead, allegedly by these two teens in a stolen car. Read more…
HUGE Veteran's Day Weekend Sale
Sponsored by Patriot Depot
Support our brave, courageous veterans with 20% off all veterans products! Read more…
GOP Senator Gets Big Win Over Schumer
Posted by Jack Davis
"And so he blinked — we forced his hand.” Read more…
Man Who Tried to Shoot Rittenhouse Savaged, Left with Multiple Broken Bones: Report
Posted by Mike Landry
After the painful encounter with Rittenhouse, this man changed his name and largely disappeared. Read more…
Deadly Storm Warning for US Coast
Posted by Richard Moorhead
The system is expected to affect most of the Eastern Seaboard. Read more…
Fetterman Makes Health Admission During Congressional Hearing
Posted by Richard Bledsoe
Fetterman got emotional. Read more…
29 GOP Lawmakers Give Biden Brutal Ukraine News as Zelenskyy Visits
Posted by George C. Upper III
“The American people deserve to know what their money has gone to.” Read more…
Deadly Explosion Zelenskyy Blamed on Russia Was Actually Ukraine: Report
Posted by Johnathan Jones
Dozens of civilians were killed or injured in the incident. Read more…
Dem Mayor of Major City Switches to Republican
Posted by Johnathan Jones
Johnson is putting his words into action. Read more…
Dem Sinking in Corruption Scandal … Remember What He Said About Trump?
Posted by Jack Gist
He targeted Trump, but now he’s finding himself in the crosshairs. Read more…
Biden Launches Gun Grab Office, Appoints Ironic ‘Key Leader’ to Run Things
Posted by Jack Davis
The White House said the new office will implement “executive and legislative action” to crack down on guns. Read more…

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