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Revealed: Biden Set to Increase Program Spending by 1,000%
Biden's decision will increase spending massively.
Read more…
President Trump Is Back On The Attack Again
Sponsored by TheExodusEffect
But it’s not against Joe Biden. It’s against Pharma Companies. You won’t believe he’s using this bombshell in the bible. Read more…
State Lawmakers Move to Put an End to Biden's Dictator-Like Rule
Posted by Cameron Arcand
North Dakota lawmakers approved a similar bill. Will more states follow? Read more…
4 Horrifying Policies in Dems' Voting Bill That Ensure Trump Will Never Win Again
Posted by Ameer Benno
Democrats want to make it harder to have secure elections. Read more…
Libs Attack Wife of Justice Thomas After He Dares to Dissent Key Election Decision
Posted by Grant Atkinson
Should Supreme Court justices be investigated for wanting to hear a case? Read more…
Red Alert: You Get $1,400 Once, Here's How Much Federal Employees Get
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
The money would go to federal workers whose children are enrolled in a school that hasn't returned to full-time in-person learning. Read more…
Confirmation from Limbaugh's Friend: Before Rush Died He Accepted Jesus Christ as His Savior
Posted by Kipp Jones
The news comes from a 30-year friend of Limbaugh who knew about his conversion. Read more…
Biden's Own Words Just Came Back to Haunt Him in a Huge Way
Posted by Jack Davis
Both Biden and press secretary Jen Psaki slammed Trump for taking similar actions during his presidency. Read more…
Dick Morris: Biden's Losing the Senate
Posted by Dick Morris
'There is no appeasing Manchin; the best approach is to accommodate him.' Read more…
Watch: Psaki Rattled as Fox News Reporter Pins Her Down with 1 Simple Question
Posted by Jack Cowhick
Psaki recently claimed that Biden's method of holding kids was different than Trump's. Read more…
Convicted Cop Killers Released from Jail in Shock Move
Posted by Jack Davis
'Allowing these men to be free sends a troubling message to the families of these officers that their sacrifice and the lives of their loved ones are somehow insignificant,' a former Chicago police superintendent said. Read more…
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