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Expert Reveals Shocking Number of Jobs That Will Be Lost Due to Biden's COVID Package
He estimated those five to seven million Americans will be jobless within six months of the bill passing. Read more…
Grad Student Who Lost 25 lbs In 3 Weeks With $5 Keto Diet!
Sponsored by Health News Weekly
Drink 1 Cup Before Bed, Watch Your Belly Fat Melt Like Crazy. Try It Free Today! Read more…
Look What 4 Govs Who Sent COVID Patients to Nursing Homes Have in Common
Posted by Cameron Arcand
The optics of this aren't good. Read more…
Pelosi Under Fire After Cuomo Message Surfaces
Posted by Joe Saunders
'So when are you calling for his resignation, Madam Speaker?' Read more…
Red Alert: 4 People Arrested on 150 Counts of Voter Fraud
Posted by Jack Cowhick
The charges stem from a Texas Attorney General investigation. Read more…
Cover-Up: Biden's Migrant Child Facilities Closed for Convenient Reason
Posted by Cameron Arcand
Is there no way for the media to see these places? Read more…
Candace Owens Causes Leftist Twitter Meltdown After Trump-Feminism Tweet
Posted by Jack Cowhick
The backlash came quickly from leftists on Twitter. Read more…
Corruption? Whitmer's 'Secret' 6-Figure Payout to Official Exposed
Posted by Jack Cowhick
The health official resigned abruptly. Read more…
Biden Gets Bad News with Latest Approval Numbers
Posted by Jack Cowhick
More people strongly disapprove of the job Biden is doing than strongly approve of it. Read more…
Ex- WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Accepts High-Profile New Position
Posted by Kipp Jones
The announcement was made during an interview with Harris Faulkner. Read more…
Watch: Top-Rated News Anchor Resigns, Destroys Establishment Media Bias
Posted by Kipp Jones
'I no longer want to do this job,' Kari Lake said. Read more…
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