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Watch: Look What Happens Right After Joe Biden Says He'll Take Question
Why didn't the White House let him take questions? Read more…
The Biblical Secret Democrats Don’t Want You To See
Sponsored by TheExodusEffect
This one single mistranslated word in the Bible Democrat’s are actively trying to suppress. This Pastor is exposing their secret here. Read more…
Pelosi Under Fire After Cuomo Message Surfaces
Posted by Joe Saunders
'So when are you calling for his resignation, Madam Speaker?' Read more…
FBI Makes Stunning Admission About Crowd at Capitol Riot
Posted by Randy DeSoto
'How many firearms were confiscated in the Capitol or on the Capitol grounds that day?' Sen. Ron Johnson asked. Read more…
Watch: Psaki Hit with Truth Bomb After Biden Shamelessly Takes Credit for Vaccine
Posted by Cameron Arcand
Talks between the companies were reportedly happening long before the Biden administration. Read more…
Cover-Up: Biden's Migrant Child Facilities Closed for Convenient Reason
Posted by Cameron Arcand
Is there no way for the media to see these places? Read more…
FBI Director Gives Upadate That Damns Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory for Good
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
He didn't say how many were punished. Read more…
Staggering Number of Migrants Released by Biden Test Positive for COVID
Posted by Erin Coates
Many migrants who tested positive are not quarantining and instead are traveling further into the United States. Read more…
Corruption? Whitmer's 'Secret' 6-Figure Payout to Official Exposed
Posted by Jack Cowhick
The health official resigned abruptly. Read more…
Biden Gets Bad News with Latest Approval Numbers
Posted by Jack Cowhick
More people strongly disapprove of the job Biden is doing than strongly approve of it. Read more…
Top Dem Now Claims the 40,000 People Outside of Capitol Siege Are Guilty Too
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
Although only a few hundred entered the Capitol, this lawmaker wants everyone to answer. Read more…
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