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Search Underway for Missing 9-Year-Old, Haunting Clue Found
A chilling clue has been found as rescuers scramble to find the girl. Read more…
From Poor To CEO - The Incredible Journey of Herman Cain
Sponsored by From Poor To CEO
‘From Poor To CEO’ is the true story of the 'American dream,' where a man comes from a poor and under-educated family and reaches the highest levels of corporate, social and political America. Read more…
Newsom Reveals Pick to Fill Feinstein's Senate Seat
Posted by The Associated Press
She could be sworn in as early as tomorrow. Read more…
Dem Rep Admits to Dirty Move Before Critical Vote
Posted by Jack Davis
Bowman could face jail time if charged. Read more…
Are The Viral Photos of a Once-Pregnant Michelle Obama Real?
Posted by Michael Schwarz
The photos were posted online with a caption that read “Michelle Obama silences ALL conspiracy theories…” Read more…
Lindsey Graham Puts Big Stipulation on Border Funding
Posted by Rachel M. Emmanuel
This is the cost of border funding, it seems. Read more…
Wells Fargo Exec. Leaped to His Death from Boardroom Window
Posted by Jack Davis
The executive had been taking meetings late at night, his family said. Read more…
Arizona Dem Senator Offers Ridiculous Solution to Schoolgirls Fearful of Having to Shower with Boys
Posted by Jack Davis
“I'm not kidding,” she said in emphasis of her stunning suggestion. Read more…
Bodega Clerk Who Was Wrongly Jailed for Defending His Life Sues Woke DA
Posted by Jack Davis
The woke DA threw him in Rikers Island Jail for defending his life. Read more…
Democrat Could Be Expelled After Dirty Trick
Posted by Jack Davis
Bowman admitted to the stunt. Read more…
Nikki Haley Says Trump Followed 'Birdbrain' Insult with Brutal Delivery to Her Room
Posted by Bryan Chai
After Trump’s brutal rating of her debate performance, Haley says she found the gift waiting. Read more…

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