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20 States Send Attention-Grabbing Promise to Pelosi, Schumer if HR1 Passes
The letter was signed by attorneys general from 20 states. Read more…
Jesus is the Reason Nativity Camper Mug
Sponsored by Patriot Depot
Start your day right with a cup (or two) of coffee and a much-needed reminder that no matter what the season throws at you, at the end of the day, Jesus is the reason for the season. Read more…
Biden Forced to Personally Intervene as Progressive Push Falls Apart
Posted by Elizabeth Stauffer
Democrats only moved forward after Biden phoned in personally. Read more…
TX Governor Abbott Orders 'Operation Lone Star' as Border Crisis Spirals Out of Control
Posted by Jack Davis
This will put crucial assets on the border. Read more…
WaPo Accused of Propaganda After Latest Claim About Joe Biden
Posted by Jack Davis
Donald Trump sent more money to Americans than Joe Biden, but didn't get any praise. Read more…
Floodgates Open as Wave of New Cuomo Victims Goes Public
Posted by Jack Davis
The walls are closing in on Cuomo. Read more…
Uh-Oh: Anti-Trump Liz Cheney Now Has a Major Problem
Posted by Kipp Jones
Liz Cheney appears to be in for the fight of her life. Read more…
The Alarming Reason Psaki May Be 'Circling Back' on Absolutely Everything
Posted by Isa Cox
'That was his strategy all along,' said former White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany. Read more…
Damning Study Shows How Much Filth China Puts into the Environment
Posted by Grant Atkinson
Every 16 days, China emits more carbon than Australia does in a year. Read more…
Former ICE Chief Reveals Major Gift Illegal Immigrants are Getting from Biden
Posted by Jack Davis
The days of strong immigration policy are gone. Read more…
Suspected Purse-Snatcher Gets a Painful Wake-Up Call When Angry Grandma Catches Him
Posted by Garion Frankel
This punk had no idea what hit him. Read more…
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