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Biden Says He Was Arrested at Capitol in Recently Surfaced Footage
Biden told the story of being arrested at the Capitol in a 2007 interview with David Letterman. Read more…
1 of These Before Bed Melts Belly Fat Overnight
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>> Watch The FREE Video Now Read more…
Prominent Liberal Issues Terrifying 'Totalitarian State' Warning
Posted by Jack Davis
'That's not a partisan thing,' Wolf said. Read more…
Ben Carson Announces Trump's Plan for 2022
Posted by Ameer Benno
'Not just Democrats are terrified, but Republicans who are swamp creatures are also afraid,' Carson said. Read more…
House Dems Make Shock Move to Censor Conservative Networks
Posted by Chuck Ross
Two Democrats pushed companies to stop carrying Fox News, OANN and Newsmax. Read more…
Public School Teacher: Systemic Racism Exists - It's from Liberals Who Think Minorities Can't Learn Because of 'White Supremacy'
Posted by John Allison
'“Woke” leftists are actually racist and guilty of holding back people of color - not those of us who are trying to teach kids math - real math - where there really is one right answer to a problem.' Read more…
Look What's Tucked Away in the Dems' COVID Bill
Posted by Thomas Catenacci
$1.5 million is slated to go to New York's Seaway International Bridge. Read more…
Ep. 74: You Won't Believe What the Dems Buried Inside the Next COVID Relief Bill
Posted by Allison Meadows
They may call it a COVID relief bill, but millions of dollars could be going towards so much more than that. Read more…
Border Sheriff: We've Figured Out How Many Illegals Came Since Nov. 3 - It's Bad
Posted by Samantha Chang
'What happens in my border county, and the 31 border counties on the Southwest border, will soon be in your backyard,' Sheriff Dannels said. Read more…
Cop Fired After Department Hears What He Allegedly Supplied BLM Protesters With
Posted by Jack Davis
The officer was found guilty of two administrative charges after this shocking allegation. Read more…
Young Not Stupid: Cuomo's Nursing Home Cover Up Was a Product of Left-Wing Idolatry
Posted by Cameron Arcand
'This is easily one of the most disturbing political scandals to occur with state leaders in the United States.' Read more…
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