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Breaking: Trump Grand Jury Session Abruptly Canceled
An unavailable witness seems to have changed things. Read more…
Democrats In Panic After Biblical Remedy Is Exposed.
Sponsored by TheExodusEffect
And how it's turning atheists into believers Colorado Pastor claims to have indisputable evidence. Read more…
Biden Just Issued His First Veto - Bad News for Your Retirement
Posted by Warner Todd Huston
The bill had passed with bipartisan support. Read more…
3 Kids Die Within 1 Hour of Each Other After Becoming Unable to Breathe
Posted by Johnathan Jones
The three separate incidents all occurred in the same city. Read more…
Biden Tries His Hand at Poem Reading, It Does Not Go Over Well
Posted by Richard Bledsoe
“Let me start this over again.” Read more…
Reporter Throws Wrench in Biden Briefing - KJP Never Saw This Coming
Posted by Johnathan Jones
“You’re making a mockery of the First Amendment.” Read more…
Pelosi Scared That Biden May Have Accidentally Helped MTG with Speech Misstep
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
"Oh, please. Don’t even say such a thing,” Pelosi said aloud while watching Biden speak.
Read more…
Dick Van Dyke Injured in Car Crash
Posted by Jack Davis
Hollywood legend Dick Van Dyke is 97 years old. Read more…
Biden Has Awkward Moment on Camera, Listen to What the Audience Does
Posted by Peter Partoll
The audience had to jump in to help. Read more…
Lawyer Gives Mic Drop Answer When Asked If Biden Is Actually a Clone
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
“That’s a good point.” Read more…
Behar Brutally Fact-Checked After Host Makes False Claim About Trump
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
The View aired a segment about a possible Trump indictment. Read more…

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