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Biden Campaign Aide Reveals Disturbing Truth About Biden and COVID
It sounds like deaths didn't matter nearly as much as the struggle for power. Read more…
A Big Secret About Biden's Presidency
Sponsored by Stansberry Research
Roughly 10% of people in the U.S. have made this move...yet it's already created tens of thousands of millionaires. And with Biden now occupying the White House...with a newly proposed $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, this could prove to be the #1 most important financial step you take in 2021. Read more…
Trust Issues? House Dems Target Biden with Strange Request
Posted by Cameron Arcand
Will Biden go along with this? Read more…
Fred Weinberg: 3 Reasons the Lawsuit Against Mike Lindell Will Blow Up in Dominion's Face
Posted by Fred Weinberg
'What this appears to be is an attempt to litigate MyPillow out of business.' Read more…
Chicago Mayor Caught Saying This on Hot Mic
Posted by Jack Davis
'You’ve got to be f***ing kidding me,' Mayor Lightfoot was heard saying. Read more…
Biden Officials Colluded with Foreign Enemy Behind Trump's Back: Report
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
Will the establishment media report on this? Read more…
Longtime Fox News Personality Puts Fauci in His Place
Posted by Joe Saunders
The longtime Fox News analyst reminded everyone what Fauci is and isn't responsible for. Read more…
Lib Narrative on Police Brutality Collapses in Embarrassing Survey
Posted by Jack Cowhick
Some people even thought that 10,000 black people were killed by the police last year. Read more…
FL Sen. Rick Scott Identifies 2 Sad Things Biden Admin Is Known For
Posted by Randy DeSoto
'It’s just basically Democrats and the teachers union don’t care about our students,' the Florida Republican said. Read more…
Federal Judge Deals a Major Blow to Biden
Posted by Erin Coates
A 100-day deportation pause was one of Biden's more notable campaign promises. Read more…
Tim Graham: If PolitiFact Is Fair, Why Have Biden's Critics Been Fact-Checked 300% More Than He Has?
Posted by Tim Graham
'There's apparently no such thing as a "True" Biden critique.' Read more…
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