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Cops Find 17 Illegals in Car, What Happens Next Is So Much Worse
Biden's Border Patrol did not do their job. Read more…
Donald Trump Garden Gnome
Sponsored by Patriot Depot
Our best gnome ever is here to keep pests out and patriotism in! This is the perfect gift for anyone looking to ward off liberals in their neighborhood. Read more…
Florida's Anti-Riot Law Has a Nasty Surprise for Punks Who Surround Cars
Posted by Isa Cox
The law will do much more than simply add protections for motorists who get caught in the middle of riots. Read more…
Police Find Woman's Body in Trunk of Car, Look Who They Charged with Murder
Posted by Taylor Penley
Are Biden's border policies to blame? Read more…
Mrs. World Has Ugly Meltdown, Is Arrested After Storming Stage
Posted by Garion Frankel
Shortly after a winner was crowned, the incident broke out. Read more…
This Is the Police Shooting Story MSM Won't Show You
Posted by Isa Cox
'The officer who stopped this individual saved a lot of lives,' San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said. Read more…
GOP Gov. Fights Back After Biden Admin Bans Beloved Celebration
Posted by Jack Davis
The Biden administration notified the state of the ban last month. Read more…
AZ Gov Goes Nuclear on Biden's Border Patrol: Need to Get Their Heads Out of...
Posted by Jack Cowhick
This was definitely some of the stronger rhetoric Gov. Ducey has used to talk about Democrats. Read more…
Russia Just Struck Back After Biden's Sanctions
Posted by Kipp Jones
Russia is also considering more 'painful' actions against the US. Read more…
Judge Included in Shocking Epstein-Maxwell Lawsuit
Posted by Grant Atkinson
Death by alligator was one intimidation tactic reportedly used by the duo.
Read more…
Biden Makes Shocking Gaffe as He Meets with Japanese Prime Minister
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
To compound matters, Biden made the remark while speaking to the Japanese prime minister. Read more…
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