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Fake News Wants To Cancel The Truth
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Voters Reject Change to Election Law, Then the Governor Steps In
Posted by Peter Partoll
Regardless of what the people wanted, the governor moved this agenda forward. Read more…
Fetterman Gets Vile in Explaining The One Condition He'd Wear a Suit on the Senate Floor
Posted by Jack Davis
His choice of a vile word to describe House Republicans was classless. Read more…
Jack Smith Adds New Player to Anti-Trump Team, But Just Look at His Past
Posted by Warner Todd Huston
Smith’s team just gained a major Democratic ally. Read more…
Mom of Punk Who Allegedly Recorded Heartless Hit-and-Run on Retired Police Chief Makes Infuriating Statement
Posted by Peter Partoll
A retired police chief was run down and left for dead, allegedly by these two teens in a stolen car. Read more…
Biden Launches Gun Grab Office, Appoints Ironic ‘Key Leader’ to Run Things
Posted by Jack Davis
The White House said the new office will implement “executive and legislative action” to crack down on guns. Read more…
Newsom Delivers Massive Blow to Trans Agenda
Posted by Jack Davis
“I cannot sign this bill.” Read more…
Pentagon Ensures Big Bucks Will Keep Flowing to Zelenskyy Even if There’s a Government Shutdown
Posted by George C. Upper III
“Operation Atlantic Resolve is an excepted activity,” said a DOD spokesperson. Read more…
Truckers Make California’s New Zero-Emissions Rule Backfire
Posted by Peter Partoll
“I have to think every trucker in California is doing all they can to get as many pre-mandate trucks in place as they possibly can,” one expert said. Read more…
Texas National Guard Rolls Into Eagle Pass, Makes It Clear They Aren’t Here to Play
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
Texan men and women are defending the border of the Lone Star state.
Read more…

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