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Millions of Americans May Become Felons with 1 Stroke of Biden's Pen
Biden signed sweeping gun control executive orders. Read more…
Fake News Wants To Cancel The Truth
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See why we have delivered over millions of newsletters and why people who are serious about their future in an uncertain world trust The McAlveny Intelligence Advisor Read more…
Libs Lose Their Minds as Famous Actor Joins Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club
Posted by Garion Frankel
Stallone recently purchased a mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. Read more…
Watch: Students Forced to Learn the Truth About GA Voting Law
Posted by Jack Cowhick
Check out what happens when they find out the voting bill is really Georgia's new law. Read more…
Breaking: SC Gov Locks Biden, Unaccompanied Minors Out of State
Posted by Cameron Arcand
The order will present a significant obstacle for any Biden plans to resettle unaccompanied minors in South Carolina. Read more…
Absolute Shock: Cop Executed in Broad Daylight on Side of Busy Highway
Posted by Jack Davis
There was no sense to this horrific killing. Read more…
Pentagon Scientist Reveals an Implantable COVID Microchip Has Been Developed
Posted by Jack Davis
The implant is currently 'in late-stage testing.' Read more…
Multiple Victims Reported in School Shooting
Posted by The Associated Press
A police officer is reportedly among the victims. Read more…
Biden's Commerce Secretary Just Admitted Trump Was Right
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
Trump's moves against China helped hold the country accountable and even saved American jobs in the process. Read more…
Biden Admin Announces Total Reversal of One of Trump's Big Moves
Posted by Erin Coates
Trump was seeking to bring military personnel home. Biden not only stopped that but is also sending more abroad. Read more…
Remember All Those Jobs David Hogg Promised to Create? Here's the Brutal Reversal
Posted by Jared Harris
It looks like all this bragging was for nothing. Read more…
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