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We're sick of it! It's my life and my freedom and I want it back! I will not apologize for being a God-fearing, Bill-of-Rights lovin' American! Read more…
Biden Admin Makes Big Move on Arizona Election Audit
Posted by Erin Coates
The Department of Justice has raised concerns about the Maricopa County election audit. Read more…
Watch: Biden Stumbles, Struggles to Speak for 41 Seconds Straight
Posted by Grant Atkinson
What was he even trying to say? This is just the latest example of Biden's verbal struggles. Read more…
All Police Officers Are Getting a Big Bonus After DeSantis' Announcement
Posted by Landon Mion
The Florida governor announced he will sign a budget that includes the provision. Read more…
DOJ Gives Slap on the Wrist After Top Defense Contractor Found to Be Helping China
Posted by Andrew Thornebrooke
China was not the only country to receive sensitive documents. Read more…
Gunman Lures Officers to His Home, What Happens Next Is Horrific
Posted by Taylor Penley
Officers responded to a 'setup' 911 call. Read more…
DeSantis Makes Move for Cops That Will Drive Libs Insane
Posted by Christine Favocci
DeSantis is giving a bonus to over 174,000 first responders. Read more…
Psaki Makes Jaw-Dropping Biden Admission
Posted by Kipp Jones
'He's going to do what he wants to do because he's the president of the United States,' Psaki said. Read more…
Shady: Biden DOJ Already Starting to Cast Doubt on AZ Audit
Posted by Elizabeth Stauffer
The audit is quickly becoming a big issue. Read more…
Elise Stefanik Goes Off on Nancy Pelosi Over 'Sexist' Hypocrisy
Posted by Dillon Burroughs
'A sick sexist smear from Pelosi who will lose her gavel in 551 days,' Stefanik tweeted. Read more…
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