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Fox News Has Banned Employees from Saying One Word On-Air: Report
This would have been unthinkable just a few months ago. Read more…
Is THIS the Stock Market's Future During the Biden Presidency? (MUST SEE)
Sponsored by Oxford Club

Trump said the stock market would crash under Biden... But what's really ahead for investors? Bill O'Reilly investigates. Click here and quickly prepare for what's ahead.
Read more…
Watch What College Graduates Do as Liz Cheney Gives Commencement Speech
Posted by Johnathan Jones
Many in the crowd turned their chairs away from the stage as she spoke. Read more…
Parents Speak Out After Daughter Dies from ‘Chroming’
Posted by Ole Braatelien
The 13-year-old went into cardiac arrest and remained on life support until doctors determined her brain was “damaged beyond repair.” Read more…
Desperate Dodgers Attempt to Win Back Christian Fans
Posted by Bryan Chai
The Dodgers have plans to honor the anti-Christian group on June 16. Read more…
Warning: Gruesome Discovery Made - Missing Actor Found Dead, Body Hidden
Posted by Jack Davis
Clues found on and around the body hint at terrifying final moments. Read more…
Biden and McCarthy Hit with Same Bad News
Posted by Jack Davis
This could be very bad news for Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy. Read more…
Man Makes Disturbing Discovery Next to Kids Section at Target
Posted by Samantha Chang
Guess what has been placed right next to the kids section? Read more…
Rescue Efforts Continue Overnight After Six-Story Apartment Building Collapses
Posted by The Associated Press
First responders have pulled 8 people from the wreckage so far. Read more…
Conservatives Set Sights on Another Major Chain After In-Store Discovery
Posted by Jack Davis
It’s no longer just Bud Light and Target. Read more…
Russia Issues Arrest Warrant for US Senator
Posted by Ailan Evans
Senator Graham already has issued a response to the warrant. Read more…

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