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Desperate Dodgers Attempt to Win Back Christian Fans
The Dodgers have plans to honor the anti-Christian group on June 16. Read more…
The Biblical Secret Democrats Don’t Want You To See
Sponsored by TheExodusEffect
This one single mistranslated word in the Bible Democrat’s are actively trying to suppress. This Pastor is exposing their secret here. Read more…
Catholic Group Announces Massive Action Against LA Dodgers
Posted by Richard Moorhead
“You have left us with no choice.” Read more…
‘Satanic’ Target Apparel Creator Relieved His Merch Pulled
Posted by Carson Choate
Target has lost over $9 billion since the boycott began. Read more…
Arizona Reveals 2020 Election Bombshell
Posted by Carson Choate
Arizona was decided by a tight margin in 2020. Read more…
Watch: Transgender Gets Brutal Treatment from Cops After Allegedly Targeting Kids
Posted by Johnathan Jones
He refused to listen to police and it turned out to be a painful experience. Read more…
Boebert’s Crying Son Called 911 on Father - Report
Posted by Jack Davis
Police responded to the house. Read more…
After Target Disaster, Chip and Joanna Gaines Go Silent
Posted by Randy DeSoto
The implications here are absolutely horrible. Read more…
Man Explains Why He Opened Airplane Door Mid-Flight - Is He in the Wrong?
Posted by The Associated Press
The flight was in the air carrying nearly 200 people when the passenger forced the emergency exit open. Read more…
NFL Team Could Be Forced to Change Name After Major Gov’t Decision
Posted by Bryan Chai
The team has three months to respond. Read more…
Tiny College Drags Biden to Court to Save Young Women
Posted by Lorri Wickenhauser
“I have a lot of comfort in knowing where I live right now, I don’t have to share that space with men,” a student at the school said. Read more…

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