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Explosive New Platform Where Faith and Culture Collide
Sponsored by LiftableTV
Conservative commentator Lance Wallnau moves his most controversial content to new uncensored platform. Read more…
Trump Responds to DeSantis VP Possibility
Posted by Richard Moorhead
Trump answered the question on a radio show. Read more…
Red Alert: Biden Could Use Dirty Trick to Win in 2024
Posted by Samantha Chang
Conservatives should be thinking about legal challenges if this scenario plays out. Read more…
Shocking Claim Made About Biden Informant - This Is Not Good
Posted by Jack Davis
The FBI is apparently preparing for the worst. Read more…
Super Bowl Champ Had 2 Words Written on Tie as He Stood Behind Biden
Posted by Joe Saunders
The two words were in Latin, but once you translate them the meaning becomes crystal clear. Read more…
Chris Christie Hit with Humiliating News on Day of Campaign Launch
Posted by Johnathan Jones
This is not the kind of news a candidate wants on the day they announce their run for president. Read more…
NFL Superstar Attempts to Commandeer Biden’s Podium
Posted by Richard Moorhead
Quarterback Patrick Mahomes quickly intervened. Read more…
F-16 Pilot Reveals What He Saw in Doomed Plane Carrying GOP Donor's Family: Report
Posted by Jack Davis
Six military F-16s were scrambled in response to the wayward Cessna, and two intercepted the aircraft. Read more…
Tucker Ends New Twitter Show with Apparent Warning to Elon Musk
Posted by Bryan Chai
“We are told there are no gatekeepers here.” Read more…
Jim Jordan Makes Big Trump Investigation Demand to Biden DOJ, Sets Deadline
Posted by Jack Davis
Attorney General Merrick Garland has been given two weeks to comply. Read more…

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