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Supreme Court Hands Trump Massive Win
Trump has got to be happy about this one. Read more…
Everyone Who Believes In God Should Watch. Blow Your Mind
Sponsored by TheExodusEffect
This never before revealed discovery can easily be performed by anyone. Watch it before they take it down forever Read more…
Lindsey Graham Puts Big Stipulation on Border Funding
Posted by Rachel M. Emmanuel
This is the cost of border funding, it seems. Read more…
Republican and His Family Killed in Horrific Way
Posted by The Associated Press
The crash is being investigated. Read more…
Scandal Immediately Hits Feinstein’s Replacement
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
Butler has been living in Maryland, not the state she has now been picked to represent. Read more…
Concerning Video of Biden - Did You Catch This?
Posted by Mike Landry
“Is Biden okay here?” Read more…
Trump Uses Break in Courtroom Proceedings to Post Damning Video
Posted by Johnathan Jones
The video came as Trump spends the day in and out of the courtroom. Read more…
Bodega Clerk Who Was Wrongly Jailed for Defending His Life Sues Woke DA
Posted by Jack Davis
The woke DA threw him in Rikers Island Jail for defending his life. Read more…
MTG Humiliates Dem Who Pulled Fire Alarm
Posted by Rachel M. Emmanuel
“Jamaal Bowman knew what he was doing.” Read more…
Nikki Haley Says Trump Followed 'Birdbrain' Insult with Brutal Delivery to Her Room
Posted by Bryan Chai
After Trump’s brutal rating of her debate performance, Haley says she found the gift waiting. Read more…
Liberal Journalist Becomes Victim of Big-City Crime
Posted by Jack Davis
He was shot seven times. Read more…

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