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AZ Gov. Steps Down, Leaves Republican to Fill In
With the governor and the next two in line unable to fill the position, Treasurer Kimberly Yee has taken over as acting governor. Read more…
How Will You Protect Your Family From This Chaos?
Sponsored by Dark Age Defense
Geopolitical Tensions Are Rising in the News. Food Shortages Are Affecting Modern America. Learn to Survive After the Fall Here Read more…
GOP Debate Moderator Starts with Major Flub
Posted by Randy DeSoto
Things got off to a rough start on Wednesday night. Read more…
Gaetz Roasts Dem Senator Accused of Bribery on House Floor
Posted by Lorri Wickenhauser
The chamber was silent after his comment. Read more…
Eric Trump Schools Judge Who Ruled Against His Father
Posted by Michael Schwarz
“Travesty of justice.” Read more…
Schiff Busted, And It Couldn’t Come at a Worse Time for Him
Posted by Joe Saunders
The news couldn’t come at a worse time for Schiff, who has emerged as a likely Senate candidate. Read more…
Acquitted GOP AG Returns with Critical First Order of Business
Posted by Jack Gist
He’s not wasting any time. Read more…
Flight Attendant Found Dead in Hotel with Strange Item in Mouth
Posted by Lorri Wickenhauser
The 66-year-old woman was discovered unresponsive by cleaning staff. Read more…
As Biden Pickets, Trump Deals Brutal Truth About 'The Only Time Joe Biden Has Ever Gotten His Hands Dirty'
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
Trump made the remarks after “Union Joe” posed for a photo op with striking auto workers earlier in the day. Read more…
Fox News Cuts from Trump Speech 4 Seconds After He Says the Words They Hate
Posted by George C. Upper III
“So here we are, back in the thick of campaign season,” Fox News' Martha MacCallum said upon cutting into Trump’s speech. Read more…
Gaetz Delivers Rebuke to Kevin McCarthy: 'We Will See if They Bail Out Our Failed Speaker'
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
“This is the only way to liberate this House in this country, from the scourge of governing by continuing resolution and omnibus legislation.” Read more…

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