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WH Interns Send Demand Letter to Biden: ‘We Will Not Longer Remain Silent’
“We will never forget how the pleas of the American people have been heard and thus far, ignored.” Read more…
Privacy is Freedom. Protect your phone, location and more.
Defense Enabling and Assisting Framework (DEAF) is the BEST cloaking mechanism for your cell phone calls to keep third parties from intercepting them. Read more…
Biden Suggests ‘American Troops Fighting Russian Troops’ Could Become Reality
Posted by Jack Davis
"Today’s vote is going to be long remembered,” Biden said. Read more…
Senate Republicans to Block Ukraine Funding After Chaotic Briefing
Posted by George C. Upper III
“Usually senators don’t scream at each other in front of, you know, the secretary of defense and so forth,” Sen. Josh Hawley said after the heated briefing. Read more…
House Crushes Biden’s ‘EV Mandate’
Posted by Jack Davis
One congressman called the vote “a massive victory for every consumer and the entire American auto industry.” Read more…
Jim Jordan Shocked by Top DOJ Official's Strange Admission
Posted by Michael Schwarz
“I would think every member and anyone watching is just astounded,” Jim Jordan said. [0:04] Read more…
News Anchor Caught Making Rude Gesture on Live TV
Posted by Richard Moorhead
“I’m so sorry,” the anchor later said in a statement. Read more…
Debate: Christie Just Ended His Campaign, Used the Most Ludicrous Liberal Media Talking Point Eve
Posted by Johnathan Jones
He’s said it before but not to such a huge group of GOP voters, until now. Read more…
CNN Guest Confronts Hosts on Live TV After Deceptive Editing
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
“Well, to be fair…,” the guest said before defending Trump. Read more…
Debate Crowd Goes Wild After Ramaswamy Holds Up Notepad with 2 Words on It
Posted by George C. Upper III
Ramaswamy had been planning this move. Read more…
Federal Judge Hands Trump Victory in Arizona
Posted by Laura Wellington
This is a huge win for Trump. Read more…

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