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Sick New Program Provides California Authorities With Effective Means to Disarm Citizens
The police obtained 134 guns from citizens in a gas card buyback program. Read more…

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Just released: Trump 2020 Collectors Gift Set
Sponsored by FreeTrumpCoins
We’re holding one with your name on it right now… This all new just released Trump 2020 Collectors Gift Set is ready to ship. Claim yours today. Read more…
Election Results: Huge News for Marjorie Taylor Greene
An utterly massive win for the GOP firebrand. Read more…
So Awkward! Kamala Harris Lets Out Giant Cackle After Wrongly Thinking Audience Will Applaud
Harris frequently seems as lost and vapid as Biden himself. Read more…
AZ Gov Signs Bills Banning COVID Vaccine Requirement for Schools and Mask Mandates in Gov't Buildings
A Republican state representative said the decision as to whether a child receives a COVID-19 vaccine should lie with the parents. Read more…
This Hero Bravely Responded When Uvalde Shooter Terrorized School
'The BORTAC agent ended up exchanging gunfire with the shooter, killed the shooter ...' Read more…
Op-Ed: If Abortion Is Good for the Economy, Why Did the Global Economy Explode After the Baby Boom?
Don't let Democrats tell you that children are a hindrance to the economy. Read more…
New Numbers Show How High Gas Prices Skyrocketed Since Biden Began 'Major Effort' to Lower Them
This is perhaps one of the most damning examples of a politician breaking a promise. Read more…
Shocking Plot to Assassinate Former President Exposed
An ISIS-linked suspect planned to assassinate George W. Bush. Read more…
Red Alert: N. Korea Makes Terrifying Nuclear Decision as Weak Biden Retreats to US
If successful, a North Korean ICBM launch would put potentially the entire US within nuclear striking distance of Kim Jung Un. Read more…

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