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Obama Stomped on Uvalde Parents' Feelings, And Laura Bobert Was There to Take Him Down
One of the most tone-deaf, heartless posts by Obama ever. Read more…

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NEW: Trump Signature Camper Mug
Sponsored by Patriot Depot
You will brew the perfect cup of coffee without fail using this coffee mug. This mug is subtle, but when someone asks you who signed it, you can be sure to tell them it was your good friend, Donald Trump. Read more…
Trump Makes Huge NRA Announcement After Texas School Shooting
Trump is doing what he does best - driving the media and the left absolutely wild. Read more…
Stacey Abrams Decries 'Voter Suppression' as Georgia Sees Record Turnout
Georgia's record primary turnout has Abrams bending over backward to explain how Republicans are suppressing the vote. Read more…
CNN Analyst: After Texas Shooting, Biden Should Respond By Forgetting About Illegal Immigration
The former Obama administration official argued it was necessary due to 'political issues in Texas.' Read more…
Op-Ed: Notorious St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Is Facing a Devastating Career Change
There is no reason whatsoever Gardner should be let off the hook. Read more…
Woman Kidnapped, Raped and Chained for Days in Empty House until Local Hero Walks By and Hears Her
'He could have ignored me but he heard me and he helped me.' Read more…
Shooter Had 19 Arrests, 2 Open Cases - Was Let Out on $1 Bail Before NY Subway Shooting
NYC's extremely soft methods of dealing with criminals is blowing up in its face. Read more…
Cold Case Solved: Cops Nail Teen Girl's Murderer - Was Exactly Who You Thought It Was
All this time later, they finally found out who did it. Read more…
Ep. 264: Revealed - Attack on Texas School Was Not Killer's First Shooting, Police Say
These people don't go on shooting sprees for no reason. They go because they are hopeless, empty and often mentally ill. The fix for that isn't gun laws. It's spiritual revival and a return to traditional values. Read more…

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