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Trump Praises 'Great Patriots' Demanding the Truth About the 2020 Election
An election audit in Windham, New Hampshire, is set to be completed by the end of this month. Read more…
Bill SLAMS Biden: "A Disaster!"
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This Must-See Showdown Reveals What's Ahead for You, Your Family and Your Money... During the Biden Presidency. WATCH HERE.
Read more…
Biden Admin Makes Big Move on Arizona Election Audit
The Department of Justice has raised concerns about the Maricopa County election audit. Read more…
Elise Stefanik Goes Off on Nancy Pelosi Over 'Sexist' Hypocrisy
'A sick sexist smear from Pelosi who will lose her gavel in 551 days,' Stefanik tweeted. Read more…
Poll Shows Majority of Voters Doubt Biden’s Ability to Tackle Terror Threats
A majority of American voters are not confident that Biden is capable of handling terrorist threats. Read more…
Legislature Passes Ban on Teaching 'Toxic' Leftist Theory in Schools
Tennessee schools won't be allowed to go woke if the governor signs this bill. Read more…
Officer Claims She Was Sacked for Brutal Facebook Post Calling Out BLM
One comment allegedly got her fired after two decades with a great reputation. Read more…
'Anti-Woke' Winner of Texas School Board Race Speaks Out
She was able to win convincingly. Read more…
DOJ Gives Slap on the Wrist After Top Defense Contractor Found to Be Helping China
China was not the only country to receive sensitive documents. Read more…
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