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Daily Dispatch - Monday, March 8, 2021
Pastor Makes Shocking Lockdown Discovery
Sponsored by TheExodusEffect
A missing ingredient in the bible that certain left-leaning departments of our government are trying to suppress it. Read more…
Must Read
State Legislators Inspire Debate Over Contentious Policy Issue
Posted by Samantha Kamman
South Carolina legislators are working on expanding execution methods to resume carrying out death sentences. Read more…
Christian Student Scores Important Supreme Court Win
Posted by Thomas Catenacci
The Supreme Court handed down an 8-1 decision on Monday. Read more…
Dem Senator Stands Up for Republicans in a Big Way
Posted by Andrew Trunsky
Manchin thinks the next big legislative package can and should be bipartisan. Read more…
Staggering Percentage of Illegal Immigrants Testing Positive for COVID
Posted by Jack Davis
'Even though they test positive, they’re going to leave the next day. They’re going to get on the bus or the airplane.' Read more…
CDC Makes Big Announcement on Restrictions for Vaccinated Individuals
Posted by The Associated Press
The director of the CDC called the new guidelines a 'first step' toward returning to normalcy. Read more…
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