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Daily Dispatch - Saturday, May 8, 2021
Dr. Ron Paul’s New Warning for Every American
Sponsored by Stansberry Research
The former U.S. Presidential candidate and 22-year Congressional veteran is back with a brand-new message every American needs to see today. Read more…
Must Read
School Nurse Suspended for Protesting Masks After Seeing Stuff of Horror Movies
Posted by Samantha Chang
The nurse has shocking firsthand stories to explain why she calls the mask mandate 'child abuse.' Read more…
Watch: Biden Gives Jaw-Dropping Explanation for Still Wearing a Mask
Posted by Kipp Jones
'Because I'm worried about you. No, that's a joke,' Biden told a reporter. Read more…
Biden States Humiliated as Unemployment Numbers Revealed
Posted by Grant Atkinson
Blue states have been much more locked down than red states.

Read more…
Report: More Bombshell Evidence Chauvin Juror Lied During Selection
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
Did Derek Chauvin get a fair trial considering this new information? Read more…
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