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Mark of the Beast on Steroids? Pfizer CEO Intros Horrifying Wireless 'Compliance' Device
If the authorities could do this, what couldn't they do? All bets would be off. Read more…
Pray for America Shirt (ALL Profits to Charity)
Sponsored by Patriot Depot
100% of profits from this shirt will be donated to Samaritan's Purse to fund the field hospital in Central Park, N.Y. Read more…
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Elon Musk Sends Brutal Tweets Directly to Hillary Clinton, Absolutely Levels Her With 1 Line
If any relations remained between Musk and the Democratic Party, they're gone now. Obliterated by a single brutal tweet. Read more…
Massive Fraud: NBA Coach Calling for Action on TX Shooting Just Got Exposed as Complete Fraud
The superstar coach now appears to be a massive hypocrite if not outright fraud. Read more…
Revealed: School Shooter Last Instagram Conversation - He Was 1 Twisted Person
The heart of the problem in America isn't guns. The heart of the problem in America is the problem of Americans' hearts.

Gun control will not stop these horrible attacks. Only a return to traditional, Judeo-Christian values will help end them.
Read more…
'It Doesn't Exist' - Candace Owens Takes AOC Apart Over Outright Lie About School Shootings
Owens wasted no time taking apart the socialist lawmaker's lie about the school shooting. Read more…

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