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Governors Stand Up to Biden, Confront Him After He Insults Their Intelligence
Biden's insult sparked several politicians to take a stand against the abuse. Read more…
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Corruption? Whitmer's 'Secret' 6-Figure Payout to Official Exposed
The health official resigned abruptly. Read more…
Migrants at Border Spotted Wearing Biden Shirts
The migrants also held signs and chanted slogans. Read more…
Masked Intruder Tries Breaking Into Food Network Star's Home
Lee is the former girlfriend of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Read more…
State Refuses to Back Down as Biden Pushes to Let Males Into Girls' Sports
The measure now goes to Republican Gov. Tate Reeves, who is expected to sign it into law.
Read more…
Watch: Look What Happens Right After Joe Biden Says He'll Take Question
Why didn't the White House let him take questions? Read more…
Civil Rights Icon Calls Out One of the Left's Favorite Phrases: 'It's Insulting'
According to this man, even an 'old-fashioned bigot' is better than a race-obsessed leftist. Read more…
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