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He's Back: Rested and Refreshed Trump Sends Savage Message Straight to Biden
The 45th president absolutely savaged the 46th, Joe Biden, for what he characterized as a total loss of control at the southern border. Read more…
NEW Comically Incorrect Cartoons by A.F. Branco Vol. 3
Sponsored by Patriot Depot
Laughter is the best medicine. So laugh your way through 2021 with these Comically Incorrect cartoons from Branco's new book! Read more…
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Biden's Flashy New Helicopter Is Destroying the White House Lawn
The powerful engine makes this a very destructive force. Read more…
Floodgates Open as Wave of New Cuomo Victims Goes Public
The walls are closing in on Cuomo. Read more…
Woman Takes Bold Stand Against Popular Pro-Abortion Jewelry
'We discovered that there were over 70 brands that gave back to a culture of death,' the pro-life designer said. Read more…
Biden Forced to Personally Intervene as Progressive Push Falls Apart
Democrats only moved forward after Biden phoned in personally. Read more…
Chess Star Talks About Black and White Game Pieces, Hit with Sick Punishment
During a show with a chess grandmaster, the punishment hit. Read more…
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