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McConnell Out of Senate? Insiders Drop Bomb
The news is reportedly coming from McConnell's home state of Kentucky. Read more…
Hilarious Trump Candy Hearts Now on Sale - Don't Miss Out!
Sponsored by Patriot Depot
Send your love in the huugest way possible. Made exclusively for Patriot Depot, these heart candies feature popular presidential phrases such as PPL LOVE ME, AMERICA 1ST, HUUUGE, and more! Read more…
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Dems Have Nobody to Blame but Themselves for This Major Turn on Minimum Wage
The effort was defeated as eight Democrats cast their votes against it. Read more…
Reality TV Star Dead at Age 30
'The Waldroup family is devastated over Lance passing,' the statement said. Read more…
American Sports Legend Found Dead
Our underdog team was only expected to get crushed by the Soviets.

Then something happened.
Read more…
Josh Hammer: Biden and Fauci Are the Ones with 'Neanderthal Thinking,' Not Us
'The long-term effects of the COVID-19 lockdowns are unknowable, but the medium-term effects are already clear. We have self-induced economic carnage, a child-development calamity, a spiritual disaster and a mental health crisis.' Read more…
20 States Send Attention-Grabbing Promise to Pelosi, Schumer if HR1 Passes
The letter was signed by attorneys general from 20 states. Read more…
The Alarming Reason Psaki May Be 'Circling Back' on Absolutely Everything
'That was his strategy all along,' said former White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany. Read more…
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