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Capitol Riot Suspects Undergoing Brutal Physical and Mental Torture in Jail: Lawyers
'It is targeted. It is ruthless. It is nonstop.' Read more…
Donald Trump Garden Gnome
Sponsored by Patriot Depot
Our best gnome ever is here to keep pests out and patriotism in! This is the perfect gift for anyone looking to ward off liberals in their neighborhood. Read more…
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GOP Challenger to Cuomo Starts Campaign on a Major High Note
Can he make a push for the governor's seat? Read more…
Pentagon Scientist Reveals an Implantable COVID Microchip Has Been Developed
The implant is currently 'in late-stage testing.' Read more…
Mass Chaos, Looting Breaks Out After Police Incident
A photojournalist on the ground called the chaos worse 'than the 1st night of the Minneapolis riots last May.' Read more…
Biden's Commerce Secretary Just Admitted Trump Was Right
Trump's moves against China helped hold the country accountable and even saved American jobs in the process. Read more…
Father of Two Dead at Hands of Illegal Immigrant
The illegal immigrant has been charged in the death of the father. Read more…
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