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Texas Family Lays Trap for Graveyard Thieves - And They Fell for It
If the thieves would have noticed this device, they may have escaped for a time.

Unfortunately for them, the plant went undetected.
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Everyone Who Believes In God Should Watch. Blow Your Mind
Sponsored by TheExodusEffect
This never before revealed discovery can easily be performed by anyone. Watch it before they take it down forever Read more…
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Major Companies Avoid ‘Pride’ Month Virtue-Signaling
Some major companies have so far skipped out on the social media virtue-signaling. Read more…
Beloved Children’s Show Features Pride Clip
The clip is making its rounds on social media again. Read more…
Former Target Exec Reveals 1 Item Led to Boycott
Target is down billions of dollars in market value. Read more…
Parent Alert: Popular Theme Parks Holding ‘All-Ages’ Drag Shows
One park’s website claims the activity is "family-friendly and inclusive for all ages."

A drag show?
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Lone MLB Team Refusing to Host a ‘Pride Night’ Game
One professional baseball team doesn’t have an LGBT event scheduled on its calendar. Read more…
DeSantis: Biden 'Stumbling Around' Symbolic of State of Our Country
DeSantis addressed Biden’s nasty fall during a campaign stop in South Carolina. Read more…
A Top Twitter Exec Resigns After Elon Musk Notices What Was Happening
Musk’s purchase of the platform has resulted in a loosening of restrictions on speech. Read more…
Family of 24-Year-Old Who Died After COVID Vaccine Files Groundbreaking Lawsuit
The lawsuit claims Watts and other victims were treated like “human subjects.” Read more…
MLB’s Subtle Change Will Make Leftists Furious
MLB has been caught in a firestorm of controversy thanks to the Dodgers. Read more…

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