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Trump Makes Huge NRA Announcement After Texas School Shooting
Trump is doing what he does best - driving the media and the left absolutely wild. Read more…
Trump 2020 Realtree Camo Hat
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Love President Trump and quality hats? Check out this custom Trump 2020 hat with the official Realtree design. Read more…
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Shock Video: Cops Have to Kick Beto Out of News Conference After He Melts Down in Public
Police had to escort the erstwhile Democratic contender for a presidential nomination. This is the state of Democratic politics. Read more…
Teen Who Knew Shooter Drops Bomb: 'I Don't See This Covered and I'm Going to Put This Out There"
'I don't see this covered, and I'm going to put this out there." Read more…
'It's a Miracle': Dog Is Lone Survivor in Fatal Plane Crash, Vet Stunned by Her Condition
'I know that Chata's family loves her so much and her dad, you know, passed doing something that he loved doing with her.' Read more…
FBI Accused of Cover-Up Concerning Police Officer Murdered in Mosque
'People can still be held accountable. We want answers,' a former assistant district attorney said. Read more…
Elder: Even Though CNN Finally Admitted the Truth, the Trump Charlottesville Lie Just Won't Die
Is there any chance we can finally put to rest the Charlottesville lie? Read more…
Uvalde Teacher Texts Husband 'Help' During Shooting; He Interrupts His Haircut to Request 1 Weapon from the Barber
Armed with the barber's shotgun, he successfully exfiltrated his daughter and other children. Read more…

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