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Listen: Ted Cruz Reveals Horrific Consequences of Biden's Immigration Plan
Cruz called Biden's policy the ‘most radical immigration plan proposed in history.’ Read more…
From Poor To CEO - The Incredible Journey of Herman Cain
Sponsored by From Poor To CEO
‘From Poor To CEO’ is the true story of the 'American dream,' where a man comes from a poor and under-educated family and reaches the highest levels of corporate, social and political America. Read more…
Top Liberty Stories of the Day
College Student Suspended Over 1 Simple Statement: Report
What was incorrect about what he said? Read more…
Watch: Anti-ICE Rioters Smash Up Portland in Protest of Joe Biden
The left has pushed back against news of Biden opening migrant child facilities at the southern border. Read more…
GOP Lawmaker: Here's Who Republicans Attacking Trump Are Really Insulting
'I don't have bad relationships with people in my party, but I am going to hold people accountable for their words and their actions,' Rep. Greene told The Western Journal. Read more…
Watch: Dem Rep Gets Brutal Fact Check from GOP Rep on House Floor
Lee repeated the hoax during a hearing titled 'The Rise of Domestic Terrorism in America.' Read more…
GOP Senator Reveals How Biden's Far-Left Policies Are Backfiring
'We want jobs. We want school choice. We want to fund our law enforcement. We want a strong military to defend our freedoms,' Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott told The Western Journal. 'And that's why people vote for us.' Read more…
China Subjected US Officials to Humiliating COVID Test: State Department
The officials said that China admitted to the mistake. Read more…
Exclusive: 'Hercules' Star Reveals Message Canceled 'Star Wars' Actress Shared with Him
'She's a class act. She's a wonderful lady, she's a classy lady, she's a beautiful lady,' Kevin Sorbo told The Western Journal.

'And she's going to have a big career in front of her, bigger than she ever did.'
Read more…
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