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Biden Dealt Major Blow
“I will always fight to keep Biden’s boots off the necks of Texans!” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wrote after the ruling. Read more…
Long Lost Longevity Protocol Democrat's Are Hiding
Sponsored by TheExodusEffect
Along with the secular media and fake news pundits want to censor this biblical message. Read more…
Top Liberty Stories of the Day
Mountain Dew, Nesquik and Hostess Could Be Banned
Some European countries already ban ingredients found in American foods. Read more…
GOP Senator’s Bizarre Interaction with Reporter Caught on Camera
Things took a weird turn after the Republican confronted the reporter. Read more…
29-Year-Old Professor Drops Dead While Doing This
He was a mathematics instructor. Read more…
Shaq Sparks Concern with Mysterious Hospital Photo
“U good big man?” a fellow former NBA star asked. Read more…
They Caught This Woman Stealing Valor, Now She’s About to Pay Dearly
On top of that, she managed to con people out of over $250,000 in donations. Read more…
Fact Check: Does FL Bill Prevent Girls From Discussing Periods With Each Other?
The Washington Post’s tagline is ‘Democracy dies in darkness.’ And the Washington Post just printed one of the darkest lies in the history of journalism. Read more…

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